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Values & Beliefs
What our Commitment to Excellence really means.

First and foremost, we build our buses as if our own children were riding on them. And often they are. So every Thomas employee takes his or her job seriously. We all believe we have a responsibility to the safety of school children. And that gives us a powerful sense of purpose, every single day.

Even small details can make a big difference. From start to finish, we are focused on delivering a superior customer experience. That means paying attention to the smallest detail in order to help improve safety and reliability. It means training customers to service their own buses. And it means being ready to offer support whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Every mile matters. We are customer-focused and approach design, manufacturing and service with an understanding of the daily challenges our customers face. We help find the best solutions when budgets are tight. We provide durability and efficiency, which are vital to long-term ownership. We want to make maintenance as easy and cost-effective as possible. And most important, we want drivers and passengers to be safe on each and every mile of their route. All of this matters to us at Thomas.

Those are Thomas Built values. We welcome you to also read more about our parent company, Daimler.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Clean drive, clean built and better for everyone.

At Thomas Built, our commitment to environmental responsibility means more than creating Clean Drive Technologies. It means establishing sustainable manufacturing practices.

Thomas Built Buses manufactures vehicles in an environmentally responsible manner and views sustainable manufacturing as a crucial aspect of its corporate vision to be a good community partner, corporate citizen and steward of our cherished natural resources. Thomas was the first school bus manufacturer to achieve Zero-Waste-to-Landfill operations, an effort that demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

With our Zero-Waste-to-Landfill operations, solar panels and a growing list of Clean Drive Technologies, Thomas Built has a commitment to sustainability you can see in our people, our products and our processes.

With buses that are green from the ground up as well as inside and out, we have made Thomas Built Buses the leading sustainable school bus manufacturer. And that’s just one more reason to put your children on a Thomas Built bus.

As part of the Daimler Trucks North America organization, Thomas Built Buses is committed to manufacturing our vehicles in an environmentally responsible manner. We aim to:

  • Commit necessary resources
  • Comply with applicable requirements
  • Protect the environment and prevent pollution
  • Improve performance continuously
  • Design better products and processes
  • Achieve environmental and energy goals

As an organization dedicated to waste reduction and sustainable manufacturing, Thomas Built is proud to participate in the EPA WasteWise program. The WasteWise program encourages organizations and businesses to practice sustainability and reduce industrial waste. WasteWise is part of the EPA’s sustainable materials management efforts that promote the use and reuse of materials over their entire life cycles.

Use of this logo does not imply EPA endorsement

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