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The Benefits of Daimler Truck Financial

Here are a few reasons to consider Daimler Truck Financial for your next school bus purchase.


When it comes to purchasing new school buses, financing can dramatically influence how many school buses you are able to purchase and how they are spec’ed. Luckily, you are not in it alone. All Thomas Built Buses dealers offer financing through Daimler Truck Financial not only to help you better control your budget, but also to stretch your budget further. Here are a few reasons to consider Daimler Truck Financial for your next bus purchase.

Daimler Truck Financial Has Strength and Stability

Daimler Truck Financial has the financial strength of the entire Daimler organization behind it and, unlike other lenders, it is in a strong financial position with a portfolio of more than $12 billion and 30,000 customers.  Plus they’ve been financing commercial vehicles for more than 40 years.  No one knows your business better.

Because of its strength, Daimler Truck Financial is able to offer services other lenders may not be able to such as:

  • Competitive rates
  • Up to 100% financing with no down payment
  • Flexible repayment terms based on your budget
  • Terms up to 10 years


Daimler Truck Financial Offers Customized Financing*

Personalized, one-on-one service is key to creating unique financing programs for each customer.

“The Daimler Truck Financial team is dedicated to the bus market and has regional experts located throughout the United States to personally serve customers,” said Keith Courtney, national sales manager at Daimler Truck Financial.

Daimler Truck Financial’s bus financing experts work with customers to provide competitive, cost-effective finance programs. And they make the process as easy as possible. Consider a few of their programs and processes:

  • Annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly payment options
  • Customized finance packages (such as variable, skip and balloon payments)
  • Used equipment financing
  • Easy application process and simplified documentation

In addition, Daimler Truck Financial offers simple-interest retail loans and tax-exempt municipal financing programs, which can increase your purchasing power and stretch your appropriated budget more than you can imagine.


Daimler Truck Financial Understands Municipal Financing

Daimler Truck Financial has extensive experience partnering with states, counties, cities, colleges, school districts and other municipal entities to acquire buses and other vehicles with unique financing solutions that maximize budget and provide the lowest cost of ownership. Their flexible financing, multiple purchase scenarios, and tax-exempt contracts maximize available funds through the bid and purchase cycles.

“We work very closely with customers and their dealers to find unique ways to maximize a fleet’s budget and also utilize financing options that allow transportation managers to afford their “needs” and “wants” in their purchases,” said Courtney.  “Too often we hear from customers who aren’t able to afford the latest in safety or maintenance equipment for their buses. By working collaboratively, we help our customers get more buses and technology with less budget – without having to make sacrifices on safety or the latest innovations.”

Want to see what Daimler Truck Financial can do for you?  Visit Daimler Truck Financial or speak with your local dealer to get a customized financing plan that fits your needs.

*Actual rates, terms, down payment, advance and program eligibility will be determined by Daimler Truck Financial’s Credit team based on creditworthiness of customer. Daimler Truck Financial does not offer or endorse any tax advice, accounting advice or tax strategy to its dealers, customers or potential customers. Please consult with your tax or financial adviser for tax and accounting treatment.

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