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Sales and Service: Working Hand in Hand

When it comes to taking care of business, no one does it better than Thomas Built Buses’ sales and service departments.

Thomas’ sales and service teams work together to provide dealers every tool necessary for success. Well-equipped dealers then have the support they need to go above and beyond for customers. “Most companies keep sales and service separate but Thomas operates on a system of continuous improvement. Integrating sales and service is a way to enhance the customer experience,” said Ken Hedgecock, vice president of Sales, Marketing and Service.

The new formula for success went into full effect in 2007. As part of that reorganization, sales and service representatives now are co-located in regional districts throughout the United States. The team members work together to meet customers’ needs.

“Instead of sales headed one direction and service headed another, there is a lot of collaboration and interaction back and forth,” said Hedgecock. “The sales and service representatives also share several common goals to keep them on the same page. If the sales guys are out making calls and they encounter issues, instead of sales handing the concern to service, now the representatives are in sync. They talk about any issues, then follow up together. It’s working quite well.”

In keeping with the new “attached-at-the hip” model, members of each team travel together, as well. Hedgecock recalls one instance in which a sales and service duo worked together to win back a customer.

“The customer had vehicles with a few unresolved issues. The sales and service teams have the authority to make policy decisions impacting the customer relationship. In this case, they made a joint decision that led to a satisfied customer, a re-established relationship with Thomas, and a significant order.” Dealers have voiced their appreciation for the well-focused attention.

Todd Telin, vice president and general manager of Superior Transit Sales, LLC in Minnesota, attested, “We get excellent support from Thomas Built. We feel they really are on the customer’s side, and we appreciate everything they do for us.”

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