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Train the Trainer

Do you know how all the systems in your bus operate? Who will fix problems most efficiently and least expensively?

“Thomas Built maintains a culture of continuous improvement,” said Tom Wilkins, Thomas Built Buses’ customer support training manager. “As a result, our buses keep getting more driver-friendly, with electronic control systems that mirror automotive systems.”

Unfortunately, that means that technicians used to working on ten- and 20-year old buses find new models very different.

“With proper training and the right tools, customers can fix just about anything themselves,” added Wilkins. “Our goal is to provide the biggest informational tool box possible, so our customers can make the most cost-effective, time-efficient decisions when it comes to maintenance and repairs.”

In 1998, Wilkins initiated Thomas’ Train the Trainer program, mirroring the program parent company Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) developed in the 1980s. The intent with both programs was to move the educational resource as close to the customers as possible and to provide current, correct and consistent information. The program, which has been well received and well utilized by dealers and customers alike, is presented in three- or four-day sessions with a broad agenda. Typically, that might include new products, changes to existing products and the always popular Q and A sessions.

Thomas supplies presentation materials tailored to meet specific customer needs, and there’s no charge for the program. “This education not only builds efficiency and morale, but it’s also an investment in efficient operation,” said Wilkins.

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