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When Converting to Electric School Buses, Choose a Partner You Can Trust

Electrification is the new buzzword among school districts considering adding an electric vehicle (EV) to their existing bus fleet. It’s easy to understand why. EVs are emissions-free at the tailpipe, noise-free, pollution-free and fossil fuel-free and, when up and running, will help save on overall operating costs. But what exactly does electrification mean and how does a district get there?

For starters, electrification is not plug and play. Fortunately, there are experts who can unpack the electrification process and help districts decide if it’s the way to go. For maximum efficiency, the ideal EV consultant will be well-connected in the industry, with a proven history in electrification and a strong dealer network.

Thomas Built Buses’ Electric Bus Authority developed a four-part program for guiding districts to EV integration anywhere across the United States and Canada.  Thomas Built’s expert EV team will lead you through operations, infrastructure, financing, and product support.

Operations – Route analysis and optimization is the critical first step. Electric Bus Authority EV experts conduct road and trip analyses to help assess whether electric school buses are appropriate for a particular school district. If the answer is “yes,” customized programs for EV integration are designed for each district’s fleet.

Infrastructure – An infrastructure assessment takes into account what districts have in place and what will be needed to make electrification possible. EV experts leverage connections with utility companies and help districts navigate utility site enhancements, construction, charging style and charging stations.

Financing – When all systems are “go” on operations and infrastructure, EV experts help create a financing plan customized to the district’s specific needs. Financing considerations may include foundation application assistance, accessing state incentives and vouchers and grant-writing assistance. Every financing program spearheaded by the Electric Bus Authority is aimed at offsetting the costs of buses, infrastructure, and installation.

Spec’ing and Training – Before driving ahead to this last stop, it’s important that all three previous steps are checked off the list. Once there, EV experts will work with districts to spec Thomas Built Buses’ recently debuted Saf-T-Liner C2(R) Jouley™ electric school bus. Powered by leading battery manufacturer Proterra®, the Saf-T-Liner C2  Jouley has set the standard for excellent customer experience, with support through the Electric Bus Authority integration program.

Part of Daimler Trucks E-Mobility Group (EMG), Thomas Built Buses draws on Daimler’s worldwide resources for technology and innovations. Best of all, Thomas Built Buses’ Electric Bus Authority is backed by a vast dealer network ready to provide product support and training from order to delivery for as long as it’s needed.

Districts considering electrification void of speed bumps and stop signs will be well-served by having an EV expert in their corner. Thomas Built Buses’ Electric Bus Authority will leverage its industry expertise for customers to make EV integration comprehensive and seamless. Districts interested in learning more about electric school bus integration for their fleet should visit Thomas Built’s Electric Bus Authority.

Electrification is fairly complex and the rewards are abundant. Visualize electrification, and let Thomas Built Buses take you there.

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