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Thomas Built Buses is not only the number one school bus manufacturer in the industry, but also an innovator, paving the way for new technologies that will ultimately make school buses even safer, more efficient and easier to maintain.


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle


I am reminded of this quote as I look…

Did you know a school bus can be spec’d in thousands of different ways? There are literally hundreds of different features that will influence the safety, performance and efficiency of a new school bus. And even the most innocuous of specs can have major impacts in your fleet. For example, if you live in a colder climate, spec’ing a heated driver seat will decrease your idle time…

Thomas Built Buses works one-on-one with customers to provide customization and spec’ing options unique to every school district or contractor


Did you know a Thomas Built bus can be spec’d thousands of different ways? That means that if several thousand buses rolled off of the line, no two would be alike. From type of fuel to electronics, wiring, components and…

Thomas Built Buses Transit-Liner(R) C2

Thomas Built Buses’ Transit-Liner® C2, HDX and EFX commercial buses offer comfort, safety, reliability and durability, ease of maintenance and customization.


Thomas Built Buses’ Transit-Liner® C2, HDX and EFX stand out from the competition – and that’s a good thing.

Compared with a sea of fiberglass motor coaches, Thomas Built’s commercial buses…

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