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Back to School Gets Cool with Thomas Built Buses. Four Ways Thomas Built Buses Helps You Make the Grade.

Students aren’t the only ones with butterflies in their stomachs on the first day of school. Fleet owners, drivers and technicians can also come down with a case of new-school-year-nerves as they consider the possibilities that lie ahead.

Will all of the buses start? Will there be unexpected mechanical issues or downtime? Will routes run as expected? Or worse, will your school bus get into an accident?

We can’t promise a smooth road ahead, but Thomas Built Buses can keep your fleet running efficiently, effectively and safely.

Here are four ways we can help you get an A in busing all year long.

  1. Maintenance, Parts and Servicing Issues? Think of Us As an Extra Set of Hands. When it comes to mechanical inspections, maintenance issues, routine servicing and parts replacement, we’ve got your back—and your solutions.
    • Need Help with Repairs? Contact your local Thomas Built dealer. They’ll be happy to service your bus, or we’ll send a field service technician to your shop.
    • Want to Tackle Repairs Yourself? Log onto Thomas Built’s Extranet to order parts and access warranty and service procedures. Need a part fast? No problem. In most cases, we can have your part within 24 hours.
    • Just Need Advice? Call our Customer Assistance Center. Staffed with specialized bus technicians and engineers, these dedicated professionals will connect you with a dealer who is an expert in state-specific requirements or walk you step-by-step through your mechanical or component issue right over the phone. It doesn’t get any easier!
  2. Ace Bus Safety with BusWise® Today’s school buses are smarter than ever, especially those equipped with our BusWise® Technologies platform. This state-of-the-art system will help you run a safer fleet with electronic stability control, lane departure warning systems, collision mitigation systems, 360-degree external cameras, stop-arm cameras—and that’s just for starters.BusWise® offers greater visibility into what’s happening around your bus, inside your bus, even potentially unsafe driving practices, such as hard braking and acceleration. BusWise® also acts as a co-pilot for your drivers, alerting them to potential hazards, helping them stabilize or correct the bus’s path, and decelerating or braking to avoid a possible collision. BusWise® is the technology of the future, available right here, right now. Give your drivers the tools and technology they need to keep our most precious cargo safe, mile after mile. Contact your local dealer to learn more.
  3. Educate Your Passengers As you know, most school bus accidents happen outside of the bus where you have little control. With some education, however, you can help keep kids safe. Thomas Built has put together a comprehensive school bus safety guide filled with clear, easy-to-follow safety tips. Share them with students, teachers and parents at your school. And help us all get on the road to a safer school year. Download your school bus safety guide here and share it with your school.
  4. Never Stop Learning Students aren’t the only ones learning something new this year. Get the latest on school bus maintenance, driver behavior, alternative fuels and more. In addition to Technician Training courses throughout the year, we can deliver education to your doorstop by sending a factory-certified trainer to your shop, having one of our partners at Cummins and Allison transmission visit, or bringing one of our state-of-the-art buses in diesel or alternative fuels to you. Whether it’s in a classroom setting or as a field trip to your shop, you’ll get extra education—and extra credit—to keep you going strong all year long. Contact your local dealer to learn more.

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