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New Year’s Resolution: Save Money, Gain Efficiency and Ease School Bus Maintenance

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just about weight loss, healthy lifestyles or finding happiness, they’re also about making a fresh start, doing things smarter and making better decisions. In our industry, our number one goal is to get students to and from school as safely as possible. That doesn’t change. But along the way, we also want to save money, be more efficient and streamline our processes. For many of you, that may be your resolution: run a more efficient fleet with the limited resources that you have.Detroit DD5 engine

Luckily, with new technology, your resolutions can become a reality. It’s no secret that the new Detroit™ DD5™ and DD8™ engines are gaining popularity and revolutionizing the school bus industry. It’s not just talk; these engines truly are offering districts the best-in-class fuel economy, some of the longest service intervals in the industry, decreased operating costs, plus power, performance and reliability. It is technology that you have to see to believe. Current users of these engines are experiencing:

Best-in-class Fuel Economy

Based on the success that we are seeing in units already in production, school districts can expect at least a three percent improvement in fuel economy compared with other diesel engines in the category. Spread that efficiency over about 12,000 miles driven per year, and a three percent improvement in fuel savings really add up.

Ease of Maintenance

Both engines feature a reliable aftertreatment system and some of the longest service intervals in their class with up to 45,000-mile** oil and fuel filter change intervals. Plus, the DD5 and DD8 feature top-load oil and fuel filters for easier serviceability.

The DD5 and DD8 also come with Detroit™ Connect Virtual Technician℠ remote diagnostic service. Virtual Technician will help you make informed maintenance decisions, so you only service your buses when needed. When one of your buses has to go into the shop, Virtual Technician, with the backing of the experts at the Detroit Customer Support Center, will provide access to in-depth diagnostic information to get your bus repaired as quickly and accurately as possible, improving uptime.

**Or either 18 months or 1,500 hours, whichever comes sooner.

Power, Performance and Reliability

While new to the U.S. market, both engines have been gaining popularity in Europe for the past five years for their power, performance and efficiency. Both engines offer proven performance, efficiency and reliability, plus an integrated engine brake option that provides superior braking horsepower to extend service brake life.

Plus, because of increased fuel efficiency, less fuel goes in and less exhaust comes out while variable cam phasing keeps regenerations to a minimum improving your uptime.

Decreased Total Cost of Ownership

Watch the savings add up with the DD5’s and DD8’s longer maintenance intervals, improved fuel efficiency and insights through Detroit Connect Virtual Technician.

Cleaner Emissions

Both the DD5 and DD8 were built to produce fewer emissions, so they meet 2017 greenhouse gas (GHG17) standards and will continue to meet emissions standards through 2020.

Ready to add the DD5 or DD8 to your fleet?  For more information, contact a local Thomas Built Buses dealer.

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