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Protect Your Biggest Investment From Corrosion

Winter is the perfect time to think about corrosion protection. In recent years, new de-icing materials have been implemented by many municipalities and states across the country. While they are more effective at keeping the roads safe, they are also harsher than traditional products and can increase corrosion of bus bodies and undercarriages. The chassis, bumpers, stepwell and even the wiring of a bus are at risk.

The results of corrosion can be costly. These days, schools and transportation departments need to keep buses in service for 15, 20 or even 25 years. But when too much corrosion damage occurs, they are forced to retire buses early or spend a lot of money to have the corrosion damage repaired. The good news? It’s possible to avoid these unwanted costs by implementing a little more upfront protection.

We recommend that all at-risk fleets protect their investments by adding Fleetshield™ corrosion protection, which includes Tuffcoat, EdgeCover and UnderGuard.

  • FleetShield TuffCoat is a durable, high-performance coating for bumpers and stepwells. It provides a flexible, textured surface that reduces corrosion and abrasions, while dampening bus noise and vibration.
  • FleetShield EdgeCover is a clear, protective coating applied on top of standard painted surfaces. Also used in the luxury automobile industry, this durable, self-healing formula guards against corrosion and weather damage. It is recommended for perimeters of doors, wheelhouse fenderettes, lower skirt seams and door hinges.
  • FleetShield UnderGuard is a durable, self-healing, high-performance undercoating applied to the underside of the body to protect against impact from gravel and debris, as well as corrosion-causing materials.

These products are not only available on new Thomas Built vehicles. If you currently have buses with corrosion issues, it is possible that the damage can be repaired and our corrosion protection applied. Contact a Thomas Built dealer to discuss your options.

Corrosion protection is an important subject, because it can affect a vehicle’s total cost of ownership. At Thomas Built Buses, we are always looking for ways to help you keep your buses in service as long as you need them, from our initial high manufacturing standards to our outstanding dealer network that provides long-term service. And now these anti-corrosion products are available to help protect your investment and lower your costs. We invite you to learn more about them.

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