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Thomas Built Buses regularly publishes the BUS REPORT to provide important information and keep you informed.

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April 2018

Road Map with Caley Edgerly: Transforming the Industry with Thoughtful Innovations

As leaders in innovation in the school bus industry, I admit that there is a lot of new technology coming along today. To some, it may seem like too much, with so many bits and pieces flying around: new gadgets to learn, new components to maintain and new features to spec. To others, many of the latest technologies are exciting, but out of touch because of budgetary constraints or technology fragm...

March 2018

Road Map with Caley Edgerly: Thanking Drivers Everywhere

Across Canada and the United States, districts and contractors constantly are challenged to find and retain drivers. In fact, driver shortages is one of the biggest challenges our industry faces today. So, during the “Love the Bus” month of February, we decided to play a small part in recognizing great drivers who are legends in our industry, in hope of uplifting this important and critical occupa...

March 2018

Special Needs Seating Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Thomas Built Buses debuted the revolutionary Saf-T-Anchor Removable Seat (S.T.A.R.S.) mounting system for special-needs buses a couple of years ago for fleet managers who struggle with seat reconfigurations. Installing and uninstalling seats was a cumbersome task that took too long and required precise measurement and special tools. Since its introduction, the S.T.A.R.S system has seen a quick ado...

December 2017

NAPT – What You Missed

Futuristic Innovations and the Debut of Thomas Built Buses’ Saf-T-Liner® eC2 Electric Bus The annual NAPT conference is always a great mixture of currently available products for the pupil transportation industry and a glimpse of what is to come. But for Thomas Built Buses, this year was a little different. This year, Thomas Built brought key innovations to the show that will impact the industry...
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