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May 2017

Road Map with Caley Edgerly: A Bright Future for Diesel

You’ve heard me speak once or twice about the benefits of diesel. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: diesel is comparable or even cleaner than other fuel types based on EPA regulated emissions. It’s proven, reliable, cost-effective, efficient and the best fuel of choice for most districts.

But let’s switch gears for a minute. Let’s talk about the future...

May 2017

Thomas Built Buses – Part of a Robust Network of Innovation

Thomas Built Buses is not only a 100-year-old company but also part of a robust network of brands within Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA). Many corporations that are part of a larger network get lost in bureaucracy, overlook the small details, become impersonal to customers and employees and ignore what’s most important. Is being part of something larger really a great thing?


Total Cost of Ownership Pro Tip: Brush Up on Service and Maintenance

A well-maintained bus is key to lowering your total cost of ownership. And a well-trained technician who is up-to-date on all of the latest innovations in the industry is crucial in keeping maintenance at the right level.

As the school year winds down, consider enrolling your technicians in an extra credit opportunity, the Thomas Built Institute. It’s not too late to take advantage of the 2017 Thomas Built Institute West, which will take place July 11-13 in Reno, NV in conjunction with this year’s STN Expo.

In this seminar, technicians will get hands-on training and up to 28 credit hours in less than a week on subjects such as product updates, EPA emissions technologies, electrical systems, web tools and more. Class sizes are limited and fill up quickly, so early enrollment is encouraged. Register today at /events/thomas-bus-institute/

March 2017

Technology Making Buses Safer, Easier to Maintain and More Efficient

Due to several key innovations in the school bus industry, school buses today are safer, smarter, cleaner and more efficient than they were ten or five years ago.

It’s true that school buses remain the safest form of transportation to and from school but, because even one bus-related injury is one too many, Thomas Built Buses strives to make school buses even safer. Thomas Built’s

March 2017

Road Map with Caley Edgerly: A Family of Innovators

Daimler Trucks North America recently announced it will be celebrating 100 years of innovation with the anniversaries of two of its brands. Thomas Built turned 100 years old last year, and this year, Freightliner Trucks® will celebrate its 75th anniversary and Western Star Trucks will turn 50. That’s big news for Daimler, and even bigger news for Thomas Built Buses.

You see, Thomas Built...

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