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Thomas Built Buses regularly publishes the BUS REPORT to provide important information and keep you informed.

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February 2017

Lee’s Summit R-7 School District – 149 School Bus CNG Conversion

The Lee’s Summit R-7 School District Board of Education in Missouri recently approved one of the largest transitions to CNG school buses in history with a $25.8 million lease-purchase agreement that included an $18.1 million investment in transportation, $2.1 million in facility services associated with the CNG vehicle transition and a $5.6 million investment in technology, infrastructure...

January 2017

The Benefits of Clean-Diesel Far Surpass What You Might Expect

Diesel has received a bad reputation as of late. There’s a lot of talk about “alternative fuels” in the school bus industry, and while propane and compressed natural gas are indeed great options for some school districts, these fuel types are portrayed as cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable solutions than clean-diesel. While other fuel types are clean-burning, the claim that they are s...

December 2016

NAPT 2016 – A Resurgence of Diesel Power and Innovations That Will Save You Time and Money

At this year’s National Association for Pupil Transportation Summit and trade show, school bus manufacturers, service providers and associated vendors put their shiniest buses on display and talked about the latest and greatest products and services their companies had to offer. And, as a leader in the school bus industry, we definitely had a few shiny things of our own to show off. In ad...

Total Cost of Ownership Pro Tip: Prep Your Buses for Cold Weather

Cold weather is just around the corner, and for many school districts, that means sub-zero temperatures and probably some snow too. Before the cold weather hits, be sure to winterize your fleet. Make sure all batteries are still good; check your belts for cracks or wear; make sure your tires can handle the terrain and weather, and top off and winterize fluids. With a little preparation, your fleet won’t miss a beat this winter.

September 2016

Back to School Gets Cool with Thomas Built Buses. Four Ways Thomas Built Buses Helps You Make the Grade.

Students aren’t the only ones with butterflies in their stomachs on the first day of school. Fleet owners, drivers and technicians can also come down with a case of new-school-year-nerves as they consider the possibilities that lie ahead.

Will all of the buses start? Will there be unexpected mechanical issues or downtime? Will routes run as expected? Or worse, will your school bus...

Total Cost of Ownership Pro Tip: Inspection is Key

Don’t skimp on your maintenance and inspections. Before starting up your buses for the first time this school year, give each bus a top-to-bottom inspection, replace worn parts or components, and change your fluids, filters, etc. Throughout the school year, be sure to complete a thorough pre- and post-inspection to keep your buses safe and in good working order. You’ll save time and hassles—not to mention peace of mind.

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