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Thomas Built Buses regularly publishes the BUS REPORT to provide important information and keep you informed.

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January 2015

Protect Your Biggest Investment From Corrosion

Winter is the perfect time to think about corrosion protection. In recent years, new de-icing materials have been implemented by many municipalities and states across the country. While they are more effective at keeping the roads safe, they are also harsher than traditional products and can increase corrosion of bus bodies and undercarriages. The chassis, bumpers, stepwell and even the wiring of...

Total Cost of Ownership Pro Tip

Adopt these budget-friendly New Year’s Resolutions

The new year is a great time to implement strategies and tactics that can lower the total cost of ownership of every vehicle in your fleet. And, just like an effective New Year’s diet, you can start small and end up with big results. So here are a few resolutions we recommend:

  1. Start measuring all of your costs for each bus (capital costs, fuel, parts and service, etc.). This is vital. If you want to set goals or make incremental improvements, you must measure.
  2. Choose longer-lasting, more durable replacement parts at your next repair. That’s right: cheap parts can cost more in the long run, so consider using higher quality parts. And measure the results.
  3. Take your buses in for regular maintenance. Prevention saves you money.
  4. Trim fuel costs by cutting unnecessary idling time, aggressive driving and inefficient routes. Small adjustments can save big money over time.

By this time next year, you could see results that will help you run a much more efficient fleet. And remember: your local dealer is always ready to help you find even more ways to start saving.

December 2014

Thomas Built Bus Saf-T-Liner® C2 Propane: Better Fuel Efficiency Through Integration

After the initial purchase price of a bus, fuel is the most significant expense over the life of the vehicle. That’s why school districts across the country are looking for ways to operate more fuel-efficient fleets. Often they turn to alternative fuels. And lately, there has been a lot of buzz in the media about propane autogas. Propane is all the rage, and everyone is talking about it. But...

Total Cost of Ownership Pro Tip: Know Your Financing Options

Sometimes the best way to run a more cost-effective fleet of buses is to replace old vehicles with new ones. Unfortunately, the initial purchase price can seem like a major hurdle for school systems in today’s economy. But it doesn’t have to be.

By working with a vehicle financing company like Daimler Truck Financial, school systems have access to specialized expertise that isn’t available elsewhere. Schools now are taking advantage of a variety of flexible financing options, like tax-exempt municipal financing or competitive retail loans and leases with the option for periodic payments on terms up to seven years. When school systems stay focused on lowering their total cost of ownership, the purchase price doesn’t stand in the way of operating the best fleet possible.

To learn more, speak with your local dealer or visit www.daimlertruckfinancial.com.

November 2014

Driving Innovation All The Way To NAPT

This year’s theme for NAPT is Driving Innovation. That’s something we know a lot about at Thomas Built Buses. In fact, it’s been our company theme for decades. We’re recognized leaders in new technology and innovative manufacturing techniques. And our partnerships with OEM suppliers raise the bar even higher. Visit our booth at NAPT, and we’ll show you the latest and greatest Thomas Built innovati...

Total cost of ownership pro tip: Save Your Investment with Corrosion Protection

Before winter approaches, make sure your biggest investment is well cared for with corrosion protection. Some protective finishes can wear off over time, or become damaged from rocks or gravel. Then, when corrosive elements such as acid rain or de-icers settle on the body or up in the undercarriage of your bus, they slowly eat away at the chassis, bumpers or even the wiring of the bus, resulting in destructive and costly damage.

Don’t get caught with corrosion this year. Ask your local dealer about corrosion protection today.

October 2014

How Do You Build A Revolutionary Bus? Keep It Simple.

What we’ve learned after 10 years of building the Thomas Built Saf-T-Liner® C2 In 2004, the Thomas Built Buses Saf-T-Liner® C2 changed the school bus industry. And that didn’t happen by chance. When designing and building the C2, Thomas Built implemented a simple and effective strategy: do a handful of things better than anyone else. That’s right. We knew what was most important...

Total cost of ownership pro tip: Higher quality can lower costs

We know how tempting it is to buy the lowest priced replacement parts. Sometimes that may actually be the best bet. But other times, low cost just gets you low quality. And low quality parts fail more quickly, costing you more money in the long run. That’s why it’s important to have a candid conversation with your dealer, whose job is to help you determine the best options for your specific needs.

In addition to quality, look for the latest technology. Engineering departments are designing some truly innovative parts these days. When you must replace something, consider upgrading. For example, some newer transmission parts now include idle parameters, fuel economy modes and the ability to gear with the powertrain of your bus.

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