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One way to further reduce the total cost of ownership of your school bus fleet is to consider selling your school buses at the end of their term. The market for used school buses is growing, especially among churches, day care centers, exporters and even other school districts that cannot afford new school buses. But even with a growing market, a high resale value isn’t guaranteed. So how do yo...

Switching a school bus fleet to an alternative fuel is a big decision. In addition to weighing the pros and cons of each fuel type, school districts must also consider the impact that the new fuel of choice will have on the overall fleet, in terms of budget as well as efficiencies. After all, mechanic and driver training will also be involved.

Before any school district approves a new al...

What does the future of the school bus industry look like? With telematics, or the transmission of vehicle data back to the fleet manager, the future of pupil transportation lies in connectivity. School buses are becoming more efficient, safer, easier to maintain and less expensive over the total lifecycle of the bus all because of advanced telematics.

And the future isn’t that far off....

New Clean-Diesel Engine Technology Means Cleaner School Buses

Diesel school bus engines are nothing like they were 10 or 15 years ago.  Today’s clean-diesel engines are more innovative and 90 percent cleaner than they were in 2006, and are becoming more innovative every year.  In fact, Thomas Built Buses, along with Read More

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