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Get the smiles rolling with these 5 Thomas Built Buses Zoom backgrounds

In a world with plenty of physical distance, we’ve all found ways to stay closer together – virtually, that is. Both our work and social lives have made the best of our collective situation by using video conferencing apps like Zoom.

One fun feature of Zoom is the ability to mix up your meeting with a virtual background. It’s a way to add some lighthearted flair to your conference call, hide your messy home – or simply show love for something large, yellow and made with pride.

Check out our custom Thomas Built backgrounds below. Simply click “download” below the image you would like to use – and be sure to upload it before your next Zoom call. We’ve even included a few favorites from past Thomas Built calendars!

Yellow Bus Pattern – Simple, bright and cheerful
Keep it classic with our minimalist bus pattern. It just might brighten your mood. After all, who says they aren’t happy faces with wheels?


Toy Buses – 2013 dealer calendar art
A little imagination goes a long way. Start up your next meeting with this playful background to lighten the mood and get on the highway to productivity.


Superheroes – 2017 dealer calendar art
Save the day (and your 3:00 meeting) with a friendly fleet of heroes. Because with important business comes great responsibility…to not take yourself too seriously.


Where’s Tommy? – 2019 dealer calendar art
Stand out from the crowd by blending in! In addition to a well-hidden Tommy character, this scavenger-hunt schoolyard has plenty of objects to find, from apples to lunch boxes to engines.


The C2 – A beloved school bus
When you’re not driving the meeting, take a C2 for a spin instead. You might get a few smiles, laughs and waves on the road to your next agenda item or family chat.


Not sure how to change your Zoom background? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

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