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Sustainability A Primary Goal of Thomas Built Buses

In 2011, Thomas Built Buses became the first school bus manufacturer to achieve zero-waste-to-landfill operations, which means that everything received or produced by the company is used, reused, recycled or sold, and nothing is sent to the landfill. This commitment decreases waste from more than 1,100 pounds per bus to zero waste shipped to landfills. Since then, Thomas Built Buses has expanded its vibrant eco program with additional multi-million-dollar investments in energy-saving and sustainability initiatives.

“As one of the region’s largest manufacturers, it is our duty to protect the environment we live and work in, and to make the smallest mark possible. We always have felt strongly about protecting the environment, which is why we became a zero-waste-to-landfill organization many years ago,” said Caley Edgerly, president and CEO of Thomas Built Buses.

Over the past eight years, Thomas Built Buses has embarked on several sustainability initiatives, making it an industry leader. In 2010, Thomas Built Buses partnered with Duke Energy under a 25-year contract to create a Photovoltaic (PV) solar field, which produces about 389 kilowatts of renewable energy for the Duke Energy power grid. That’s enough electricity to power approximately 41 homes. In addition, all of Thomas Built’s manufacturing facilities are ISO 14001-certified. ISO is an internationally-recognized set of standards for environmental performance that goes beyond basic compliance with environmental regulations.

“With our long list of sustainability projects and our growing list of alternative fuel and low-emissions school buses, we are proud to manufacture some of the best school buses on the road, all while preserving the environment and resources provided to us,” said Edgerly.

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