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How Much Do You Pay For a Bus After You Pay for a Bus?

How much do you pay for a bus after you pay for a bus? It’s not just about the purchase price. You have to consider fuel costs, as well as maintenance cost, warranty reimbursement, replacement parts and overall durability. All of these add up to the real cost — the total cost of ownership.

The problem is, if you don’t truly know what your total cost of ownership is — the costs of particularly older buses can start to add up, leaving you scratching your head as your bottom line shrinks.

Fleets like Lee’s Summit, Kansas City, Manatee County, and Prince William County have all found the true value and savings in measuring their total cost of ownership. With a little help, you too can find success.

To learn more about how you can successfully start down the road of measuring your total cost of ownership, check out the video below. After all, that savings that you can accrue during the lifetime of your bus can really start to add up.

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